Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All good cooperational things beget sideprojects: Jess and Josh is no different

I will not complain about my shitty day here.

I will not turn this into a Livejournal.

That being said, God my day was shitty.

On the bright side, after dropping what I thought was going to be an ethical politics class but actually turned out to be a philosophy as in we started reading The Iliad on the first day of class. (Sidenote: HASN'T EVERYONE READ THAT ALREADY? LIKE IN 8TH GRADE? WHAT THE FUCK!) Anyway, after doing that I finally got in contact with my academic adviser and he agreed to let me do an independent study. I get to make a book list of books that interest me and then blog about them and earn 4 credits. Aka amazing.

So everyone who reads this will hopefully also want to read my sideproject. Think of me as Thom Yorke's solo CD: Like The Eraser, my other blog will be good, but it just won't be as good as the collective effort of Amnesiac. Also I like, have to earn school credit, so I can't talk about drugs and sex and shit. Well, I can talk about sex, just not sex I've had. Okay I'm rambling.

I'll post the link when it's up.


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