Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What I was like as a 15 year old girl

Me at my 15th birthday party

I had an online journal when I was 15 that I refuse to link to because there are some things that shall remain sacred. But I just had to share this little blurb, found in an entry from August 2004:
Here's where my teenage girlish notions of romance kick in - I've had this fantasy for awhile, because deep down I know I'm going to meet my future husband in a bookstore. He'll be drinking Chai and reading beat poetry (preferably Ginsberg or Bukowski or maybe some of Kerouac's earlier haikus) and he'll sit down in a big chair next to me. The conversation will go as follows:

Me: What band would you listen to while reading Bukowski? I can't quite figure one out.
Him: Hm, well Dave Matthews Band is not emo enough, but Coldplay's too mainstream, Jack Johnson and Beck are too upbeat and Joni Mitchell's kind of corny. So I'd say Radiohead or Elliott Smith.

I would then play Amnesiac or the My Iron Lung EP on my iPod and we'd delve into a deep conversation about our likes and dislikes (He prefers Burroughs, I prefer Kerouac. He owns more records than I do, wears Givenchy and does word searches. We both hate Bush and indulge in the Real World as our guilty pleasure). And that would be that.

And now for the collective LOL!!!! Old pretentious habits die hard, folks.


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