Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wham Bam Anagram

I had a conversation with an internet robot that responds to what you say in anagrams.
I figured that's pretty much what therapy is, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
I am "webuser," it (he?) is "sternest."

webuser: I'm having some problems
sternest: Blooming vampires mesh.
webuser: Stop trying to change the subject!
sternest: Jobs concentrate thuggish petty.
webuser: Ugh
webuser: Anyway
webuser: I seem to be lacking self-confidence right now.
sternest: Tiresome weakling botching. Self-confidence.
webuser: It's such a paradox; depending on my mood, inside my head I'm either the sexiest guy ever
webuser: or the ugliest.
sternest: Righteous let.
sternest: Good! X-rated, dynamic unhappiness. He is the homier, immediate noddy. Sexy, gutsier eve.
webuser: Sometimes you're so cryptic.
sternest: I'm coy morosity persecutes.
webuser: "Coyness is nice....coyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to..."
sternest: Annoy concise consistency pisses. Deathful of gnomishly loitering. To liked you.
webuser: Gnomishly?
sternest: Oh My! Sling.
webuser: I sling my sharp verbal darts at your heart.
sternest: Lavish arm-pits drab strangely. True, hoary.
webuser: But seriously. How can I figure out who I am in a way that will satisfy me?
sternest: Youngish, fruitier, cautious bowel. Mafia as womanishly wealthy twit.
webuser: So be like a girl, get rich, and join the mob.
sternest: Ethnic-looking, eager jailbirds. Both me.
webuser: That's quite a combination.
sternest: Maintain botchiest quota.
webuser: My romantic quota is always botched.
sternest: Squatty, wailsome acrimony. Do the CB.
webuser: I'm filled with acrimony!
sternest: Warm in filthy domicile.
webuser: I mean it could use a cleaning but I'd hardly call it filthy.
sternest: Suitable, unelucidating demoniac. Tidy hill crafty hall.
webuser: Whatever you say. Thanks for all the help.
sternest: Heavy taunters tally-ho freak show. Help.
webuser: You're a moron.
sternest: You or moaner.

Enter at your own risk; he might read into your soul.


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