Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today's the day to drink to get drunk, as if every other day isn't

Thank god for all those Dewar ads on Gawker reminding me that today is the anniversary of the day that Prohibition was repealed. Otherwise I would have just gotten really drunk without the conscious effort to appreciate all the alcohol I'm imbibing.

I mean, I'm so happy that I have the legal right to drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels and lay in a puddle of my own puke. I'm so glad that my friends can take their tops off in underground hipster clubs and not feel self-conscious about it. I guess I'm just so, so fucking overjoyed that alcohol is legal, because I only partake in things that the government allows me to. So thank you, U.S. government, for making degrading my self-worth by dancing like a whore at Webster Hall and getting my heels stuck in the subway grate and sleeping with total strangers societally acceptable again, all because of some crushed up wheat and berries and whatever the hell vodka is made out of. Mad props, G. Cheers!


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