Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Someone get us some lithium!

JOSH: since our area of new york is 56% gay
JESS: more like 65%
JESS: more like 100%
JOSH: which makes it all the more depressing that i'm single
JOSH: but you know what? i'm also a free spirit
JOSH: betcha didn't see that one coming
JESS: file that under why i think you're bipolar
JOSH: i'm trying a new outlook on life
JOSH: everything's gonna turn out okay
JOSH: a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step
JESS: this is going to end in 2 days when you realize that the end of schoolwork does not mean the end of the blues
JOSH: schoolwork never equaled the blues for me
JOSH: i don't care enough.
JESS: my bad mood right now is:

JOSH: or like
JESS: yeah
JESS: what's your mood percentage right now?JOSH: this is our new hobby
JOSH: mood percentages


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