Monday, December 3, 2007

Reporting live from the bottom of a deep, black pit of despair

Josh has been listening to Ben Gibbard's cover of the Phil Collins song "Against All Odds" and I have been listening to "Between the Bars" by Elliott Smith. When we got stoned tonight we watched Intervention instead of funny Youtube videos. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a new Facebook picture only to become irrationally upset about the lack of attractive pictures I have, which then spirals into OMG I'm so ugly, OMG I'm so stupid.

(No, but really, all that weed is killing our brain cells:
JESS: whats that word when something grows and grows
JESS: ___balling
JESS: kind of like spirals
JOSH: whattt
JOSH: we fly high
JOSH: no lie
JOSH: balllling
JOSH: *ballllin
Obviously I never figured out the word)

We keep sending Shins lyrics back and forth to each other. We convey our emotions with weepy, animated emoticons. We ate Chinese and Thai food and still we feel no better. Someone pull us out of this funk! Linlo, can you please get caught with coke again? Washington Square News, can you please get a more sophisticated team of writers? Brody Jenner, will you stop hooking up with people like Britney Canada Whore and just date L.C. already? You can tell by her eyebrows and the way she moves her mouth into a little O when you're at dinner together that she's totally into it. We just need something to cheer us up.

JESS: what can we do to feel better about ourselves?
JOSH: besides cocaine and therapy?
JOSH: which is def the name of my book of memoirs, i called it


I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself.

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