Monday, December 3, 2007

NYC Subway Rider Guide: The 6 Train!

Have you ever entered the subway and wondered: well, what kind of people will I be sharing this lovely public transportation experience with today? Will I be forced into an uncomfortable position with a homeless man with creeping hands? Will my car smell like burnt hair or have rice from the Halal cart stuck to the ground? Well luckily for you, Jess is taking a look into the patronage of different subway lines and what to expect when you spend $2 to sit underground in a huge hunk of metal that smells like a pile of cow shit. Today’s installment? The 6 train!

As a daily rider of the 6 train I have to say it is one of the more enjoyable subway lines. I generally take it from Spring Street to Union Square and it’s fast, clean and efficient. Oh, and sometimes there’s this cute little musician guy who plays electric jazz guitar and has a voice like Eric Clapton. Bonus! Be careful of the Derick Miller's of the world who want to sell you candy “not for their basketball team” but instead “to stay out of trouble.” How handing money over to a kid who will not give you a receipt or a report about what he’s done with your investment will help him stay out of trouble and not get into crack-cocaine is beyond me but like, 2/$1 Hershey’s bars, bitches!

Anyway the 6 train is typically crowded with Upper East Side WASPy bitchy worker types, at least when I take it around 9am. Then there’s the immigrant mom taking her daughter to a fancy private school that she works three jobs to afford (sad), the blonde guy who always listens to Nickelback on his iPod (funny), and the homeless guy with one leg (funny and sad). There are pretty girls with bobs reading books (singles alert!), ugly guys eating breakfast burritos and lots of NYU students like me just trying to get to class before their last caffeine dose wears off.

All that being said, I really like the 6 train. I take it to my boyfriend’s at 23rd street, I take it to Union Square when I want to get run over by tourists, and I take it to Astor Place because I’m fucking lazy. I just wish for once that hot blonde guy who listens to Nickelback would take one look at me. If you’re reading this, I’m staring at you for a reason, buddy. You have pretty hair.


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