Thursday, December 20, 2007

Graphtastic, and then I kind of go off on a tangent about women (again)

Now, for something semi-serious: If you were to read the news about women right now, you'd think that:
1) All women are sluts who have pre-marital sex with their statutory rape-aged boyfriends out of wedlock,
2) Old women are ugly and wrinkles are totally undesirable, and
3) Fat women are ugly and cellulite is totally undesirable.
Not a good week for women in the news, eh?
Sidenote: Josh thinks I spend too much time harping on women's issues and that that makes me some kind of feministic man-hater. I talked to my boyfriend about this last night and he thinks that my woman-loving ways are sexy (aww). My opinion is simply that patriarchy is woven into the fabric of society: we can say FUCK as many times as we want but we're still not equal to men. So we have this one tool, right? It's called our vaginas, or whatever other body part you find sexually stimulating. So why not use our sexual prowess to our advantage? Blowjobs might seem like a really degrading act, but I mean, come on, we're in COMPLETE control. So I say society is like one big blowjob: men think they have the power but it's actually the women who are controlling when and if they get off.
Sidenote 2: Today is so boring. Can we get another tween pregnancy please? I'm gonna poke some holes into Hannah Montana's bf's condoms.

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