Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Attention all (3) straight guys that read this blog!

There are pretty girls (a blonde, a brunette and an Asian-- an attempt at fulfilling all of your fetishes at one time??) causing a stir on the N train. They're putting the $200,000 their parents shelled out for a musical theatre education to good use by acting like strippers and pole dancing on the subway, gettin' the MTA's metaphorical panties all in a bunch. Check out the vid below:


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Mo said...

So my question is... do you have any actual proof that these girls are enrolled in an accredited four year university? Because if I had moves like those bitches, I would probably drop out of NYU and work at Scores. Or take like one acting class and star in a major motion picture (it worked for Elizabeth Hurley).

Also I'm using this opportunity to say that I read your blog and it's great for procrastination during finals time, among other things. Keep fighting the good fight, y'all!