Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our First Blog: A bigger vanity project than greatest hits albums, children

Though we are avid blog readers, Josh and I were originally wary about starting our own blog because, well, we're just not as interesting as Marc Jacobs.

That said, we do like to talk about stuff. And in a world where reality T.V. reigns supreme, and people write about their sex lives with a shocking amount of panache, we have to assume that the kids out there in cyberland are just as voyeuristic as we are.

So put your monocle and tophat on and enter the world of Jess and Josh, where we talk about... stuff.

JOSH: so much of my wall nowadays is you. and thats a-okay with me.
JESS: sarcasm?
JOSH: no, you're consistently half my wall. and, perhaps, vice versa.
JESS: i know, but are you a-ok with it?
JESS: cuz i can start like posting less heh *fidgets nervously*
JESS: *uses asterisks to convey motions she's not actually doing*
JOSH: omg i used to do that all the time!
JESS: *refers to herself in the 3rd person*
JOSH: *reminisces*
JESS: i fucking hate that shit its almost as bad as ^__^
JOSH: its such a buffy-message-board-esque thing to do
JESS: if hello kitty had a screen name she would communicate using only those faces and asterisk-marked actions.

JOSH: the amount of inside jokes we're developing is dizzying. we could actually write a book.
JOSH: and we'd be the ONLY ONES THAT GET IT
JESS: it would be a bestseller..........
JOSH: no, it wouldn't. no one else would pay to see a deer looking through a window.
JESS: i think you and i should seriously start a blog.
JOSH: okay lets start a blog.
[Ed. Note: We are, indeed, as easily persuaded by things as this post alludes to. Take note, creepy old men who want to buy us drinks!]

JESS: except i kind of hate the idea of blogs. they're so self-aggrandizing and pretentious.
JESS: then again so are we.
JOSH: yes, my specialties
JESS: this conversation should be the first post. our vanity project, if you will.
JOSH: done.

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