Monday, November 19, 2007

Eskimos and cigarettes

JESS: my french teacher is letting me take the test tomorrow during class
JESS: and i got my friend to tell me everything that was on it
JOSH: wooo
JESS: so being a slacker sometimes does pay off
JESS: and he made me step outside when he was handing it back
JESS: i know
JESS: actually what happened was we were smoking a cigarette outside before class and he was like "oh jessica, all in black, you're so hip" in his french accent… wtf… and i asked him when i could take it and he was like tomorrow during class but im handing it back so chill out here, smoke another cig then come in
JOSH: chemicals from tobacco smoke enter the bloodstream, they could enter the eye causing sudden, irreversible blindness and bursting of blood vessels in that region
JESS: shit
JESS: w/e
JOSH: just something to think about
JESS: *lights cig*
JOSH: they can also cause gangrene
JESS: so can frostbite, which is the #1 killer among people under 25
JOSH: frostbite is definitely not the number 1 killer of people under 25
JESS: im joking
JOSH: maybe of Eskimos over the age of 75
JESS: we're retarded

Ed. Note: As I was typing this up in Microsoft Word, the Autocorrect capitalized the word “Eskimo.” Fuck! It just did it again! Who knew??

JOSH: we should call each other paul from now on
JESS: ok paul
JOSH: hey paul whatsup
JESS: nm paul u?
JOSH: n2m. man, paul, i'm so pissed bout my cpu
JESS: yeah fuck macs, paul, i mean, shit.
JESS: apparently we become bros when we call each other paul?
JOSH: oh, paul, you slay me
JESS: oh wait no, now you're back to being GAYGAYGAY
JESS: silly paul
JOSH: okay paul thats enough
JESS: kk paul
JOSH: well, that killed....
JOSH: ...2 minutes of my time

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