Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crimes Against Newsmanity: First Edition!

Welcome to Crimes Against Newsmanity, our weekly take on some of the nation's most ridiculous and awful news headlines. [Ed. Note: The NY Post will NOT be included in this section, sheesh people]

"Live from Hollywood's Hottest Hot Dog Spot!" - TMZ
Ok, TMZ, we know you're reporting from West Hollywood, but using the term "hot dog spot" to refer to teh gayz' favorite Rage Nightspot is just bad taste.

"Squalor, Crime Follow Wave of Foreclosures" - MSNBC
But I thought the government seizing your assets and forcing you out onto the streets would reap great, great rewards upon our utopian society?

"Skateboarding Rolls Out of the Suburbs" - NY Times
I'm all for puns, but skateboarding is inherently funny and retarded: why butcher that natural humor? BONUS: The pictures' caption is "Chairmen of the Board." I need a drink.

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